Service Review: Alice Fururun

Some time ago, I made an order from Alice Fururun. Here’s a service review!

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Kikirara Shouten corset Generally if you can’t read Japanese, you might have a little bit of trouble, as most of the navigation is in Japanese. There’s a good guide from EGL to ordering from the site, so do read it if you’re having trouble.

Also, a word of warning- their pictures tend to make the products look very washed out and grubby – this isn’t actually the case. Their items are true to their description/ranking – or sometimes even marked down a little bit. (ie, a BC on the site comes to us looking practically new.)

What I bought from Alice Fururun. A Kikirara Shoten corset!!

Service and shipping

The service is passable, but communication can be a little patchy. Essentially there’s quite a bit of pinging and ponging; I sent in my order – they send back an email asking me to confirm my order (which admittedly came up to quite a bit as I was ordering for three people!), I reply saying that things are all correct, they reply to tell me that they will check the shipping price and get back to me. I didn’t have a choice with regards to the shipping method, but as I would have picked EMS anyway, that was fine. So a few days went by, and Fururun mailed back with a PayPal invoice and a notification. For a very expensive package that was relatively heavy, I paid 3500yen, which to me was supremely reasonable.

However, after I paid, there was no word from them that they had received the payment, even after I dropped them a note, so if you’re the anxious kind, just take note. Between payment and shipping took about 5 days, and it arrived at my doorstep 2 days after it was shipped out. 😀


Package from Alice Fururun The items were shipped in a large packet, and customs must have checked the package because they punched a hole through some pretty heavy duty tape. I unfortunately didn’t check the receipt to see what Fururun declared the worth of my package as, but I was pretty lucky to not get hit by customs, because that package was worth about $1000. =A=; Probably not underdeclared, but declared as used goods instead.

Package from Alice Fururun The items inside were packaged very neatly- individually folded and wrapped in plastic. The clothes also smell alright- if you’ve bought clothes from Closet Child, you’ll find that there’s a very distinct “Closet Child” smell; it’s just the effect of having been kept in storage. The Fururun clothes have a slight smell, but nothing that some airing won’t help.


I would definitely order from Fururun again. The pricing is second to none, and the shipping and service, while not as warm and personal as say, Innocent World, is all handled very professionally. I have really no complaints at all, and would be pleased to give them more business. 😀

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