Back in Singapore – Got loli!

I’m back in Singapore! And the first thing I saw when I came back was a whole bunch of packages on my bed!

Got a package from Nicole, with my Sugar Pansy wristcuffs in yellow and…

Dream Sky Dream Sky JSK in sax! XD :sparkle: With the Star Shower socks! XD XD I’ll have fun coordinating this!

I’m also looking for the Star Shower socks in lavender, so if you are selling it, please consider me!

I also got a package from Japonica Market, an excellent Japanese auction site bidding service. Highly recommend!

I had bid on a couple of things, but ultimately only scored two items –

Metamorphose Apple JSK with collar The first is the delicious Apple JSK with collar from Meta! I got it in the black colourway.

I actually didn’t realise that this was corduroy until I received it, but I love the quality! It also comes with a cute belt with an apple buckle. The collar is removable, so I can remove the boat neck for a change in coordi. Delicious!

Trick Girl Set Trick Girl hat!

I also got the Trick Girl set from Angelic Pretty in brown and mint! The collar is detachable, which is why it looks like it sits wonky. This is velveteen material, so it’s rather thick.

If I’m not wrong, this was released Halloween 2010, hence the little witch hat. I know! This seems like it contradicts what I said about seasonal prints, but this isn’t a print! And I can wear the JSK without the hat! 😉 But! This JSK seems like it’s MASSIVE. I don’t know if I will fit into it properly.

Andddd with new loli coming in, it means that some must go out to make room for these new items. And as such, a selling post here on EGL. Cheers!

Fri, June 24 2011 »

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