Back in the States!

Hello, hello from Illinois!

Yes, I’m back in the States for a spell! I’ve actually been here for about a week already. Because I’m at a residential address this time around, I’m trying to make use of the potential reductions in shipping to buy items from sellers in the US! *sheepish grin*

On Tuesday, I received one of my dream items in the mail, the Macaron Tartan Riders JSK in mint! The tartan is shot through with a sparkly thread and the asymmetrical hem is just lovely! I’m especially enchanted by the frilly chiffon layers by the side.

I really regretted not getting this JSK when it was first released, so I was really pleased to find a new with tags set at a very reasonable price. Rather serendipitous too, as I saw this for sale in a comment in another poster’s WTB post! (Not to worry, OP rejected the sale, so I was able to buy it without stealing it from anyone!)

Socks from Target I also had the opportunity to roam around Target since my host and I were picking up some pharmaceutical supplies, and I saw these in their hosiery section at only $2.50 a pair!

Target also had some lovely socks (slightly more expensive, maybe $8 for a set of two?) that look great for classic, but because I’m not really a classic kind of girl, I didn’t get any of those. My one gripe is that the socks aren’t longer, but I’ll probably just layer them over tights anyway.

I didn’t bring any loli with me this trip, as I wanted to travel mostly light for summer, so perhaps there’ll be fewer posts this June. But I’ll try my best to tweet more, so remember to follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already! Cheers!

Sat, June 4 2011 »

6 comments on to “Back in the States!”

  1. sara says:

    awwww so lucky! did you buy it from kuramew? not to complain but i almost bought it from her but i was stuck between two offers for mint and sax. then i waited too long and missed out on both! but when it turns up again i will DEFINITELY be buying it 🙂 🙂
    looks lovely!

    • Alanna says:

      Hi Sara! Yes, I did buy it from kuramew! 🙁 Sorry to hear that you missed out! Sax was also one of my choices, but in the end, I decided to get mint instead because mint colourways are my love.

      It is very lovely! Hope you get a chance at yours soon!

    • Ryumaho says:

      Oh hey, I was browsing the closet child blogs just now and I saw that they had the macaron jsk here. Not sure if it’s the version you want, but thought I’d pass the info along.

  2. Ryumaho says:

    Have a very fun trip in the states this month! Congrats on getting the macaron jsk! It’s super pretty.

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