Steph’s Wedding + Cupcake Party!

I was out of the country for most of June, which explains the total radio silence! But July came, and amidst the rush of school starting for the new term was a very special occasion!

Steph’s Wedding

Steph, better known as Sassy Strawberry in the lolita/doll/cosplay circles, got married early July! There was a church wedding in the morning; we were her bridesmaids in a AP-inspired colour scheme: mint and pink!

We went to a hotel for a lunch reception after that where we changed into lolita coordis. Because I was really lazy to change my makeup, I decided to wear my mint Dreaming Macaron. Not pictured in above picture: other lolita guests such as the rest of the Sparklies! Steph’s wedding was the perfect occasion for all the Sparklies from overseas to come back and be together for the first time in a very long while; it was really great to see everyone together at the same table again.

Here I am in my Macaron! For some reason I feel that I wear this really often, but the rest of the Sparklies tell me that I’m delusional.

That’s Mel in the background in Meta’s Wonder Silhouette dress – it’s the one I talked about in the Weekly Roundup for 11 April! Truly more beautiful in person than originally expected.

All photos above taken by Shu. More photos of us at the reception available at Shu’s Flickr set, and you can have a look at Shu’s entry on the EGL community as well.


Cupcake Party

Mel had to leave Singapore the day after the wedding, but with Celeste still in town, we decided to have a small Sparkly get together! Steph opened up her new house and kitchen for us to convene and have some good fun baking and cooking… or at least Celeste and Elsie cooked, Steph baked and Feli and I hung out and watched TV and complained that we were hungry. 😡 Ivory and Shu came along later for the cupcake decorating part of our little party.

After the experience of decorating cupcakes with fondant, I can safely say that I will NEVER eat another cupcake with fondant on it… Also, allow me to say that I have about zero talent with cupcake decorating. Seriously. I did two, saw the rest of them hard at work with 3-Dimensional masterpieces, and then I gave up. >_>; Click on the picture above to link to Ivory’s Flickr set and see who did which cupcake!

All photos in the cupcake section taken by Ivory and are available on her Flickr set.

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