Store review: Pink Macaroon!

I had missed out on Pink Macaroon‘s Unicorn Fantasy Print when it was in production the last time, so when Sarah re-released a “ready-to-wear” version in a variety of sizes, I knew I had to grab one! My order arrived recently, so here’s a review on the lovely print.

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt

I bought two items from the Etsy store, a lavender Unicorn Fantasy print skirt and a set of Pony Patches.

Short summary: Overall, rather pleased with the skirt! I wouldn’t mind buying from Pink Macaroon again.

Print and materials used

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt The print itself is rather detailed, and I’d say that the print quality is better than say… Bodyline. The details such as gradients and little necklace beads printed well. The material is marginally thinner than most brand skirts I have, but the skirt also comes with lining (but no inbuilt tulle like some brand skirts do.)

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt The lace used is nice chemical lace, similar to what BtSSB favours. Absolutely no complaints on this front!

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Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt The skirt is generally well-constructed with extremely neat sewing. Waistband is single-channel half-elastic. Invisible zipper, with a pearl, heart-shaped button.

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Packaging and Communication

Pink Macaroon Unicorn Fantasy skirt Generally it was very easy to buy from Pink Macaroon since it was via Etsy. Shipping information was updated by PayPal, and the parcel arrived in a very timely fashion. Skirt was wrapped in pink bubblewrap and then placed in a large bubble padded envelope. The packaging came with a namecard and a small gift of a tiny candy sweet on a chain. I’d say the transaction was handled in a very professional manner, but I’d have liked some sort of personal message along with it – even a short handwritten “Thank you!” would have been nice and personable. As it were, I just got a positive rating on Etsy with a blank message!


I have few complaints about this skirt, and would recommend Pink Macaroon. However, if you are the type who are really picky and only wear brand etc, then you may wish to give Pink Macaroon a pass, as this skirt, being handcreated (presumably on a home machine) will never have the feel of a machine-created brand skirt. Also, being spoilt horribly by Meta, I also prefer box pleats over gathers, but that’s really a small matter of personal taste. The skirt also seems to be less full than typical brand skirts, but to be honest I haven’t tried it on with my pettis yet. That said, I am very pleased with my new unicorn skirt and am looking forward to the next occasion I can wear this!

Rating! (out of 5 macarons)
Overall: (Tasty!)

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