Online Find: Pink Candy

If you’re always despairing that you have no bags to coordinate with your lolita outfits, might be the go-to store! Chockfull with bag and accessories in beautiful patterns suitable for both classical and sweet lolita, this store will be perfect for those who want lovely bags without buying from brands. I really like the […]

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Thu, April 14 2011 » lolita finds » 2 Comments

Rakuten Find: And Romeo

I came across this particular Rakuten store by chance: And Romeo. Without seeing any of the dresses up close, it’s difficult for me to come to a decision about how positive I feel about this store. The items look very well-made, but some of the dresses (such as this one) veer on the side of… […]

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Fri, April 8 2011 » lolita finds » 6 Comments

Rakuten Find: Cawaii

Here’s a Rakuten find: Cawaii! Warning, this store is less lolita and more mori girl, so if you are into fusion loli or like the mori girl aesthetic, this store is absolutely lovely for you! I know it’s actually pretty popular, so you may already have heard of this lovely store even before its appearance […]

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Tue, March 29 2011 » lolita finds » 1 Comment

Rakuten Find: Sweet Catherine

Here’s a lovely Rakuten store: Sweet Catherine! Comes in two sections, Catherine Sea for the formal and casual wear, and the Alice Kollection for lolita wear. The style of the day here is more classic; the Alice Kollection line features a lot of florals and classic lines. You may be interested in items such as […]

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Mon, March 7 2011 » lolita finds » 1 Comment

Online Shop Find: Romantic Princess

Every princess needs her own castle to be a princess of, so if you’d like to decorate your house in lovely styles, you need Romantic Princess! Dress up all parts of your house with their lovely and sweet range of items! From lovely covers for your bedroom, to storage solutions for your living room, and […]

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Fri, March 4 2011 » lolita finds » 6 Comments

Rakuten Find: CANDLLY

Here’s a pretty, very feminine store on Rakuten, CANDLLY! Chock full of items that we can incorporate into our coordinates such as this adorable cutsew with lace and beads, this knit cardigan with rose lace, this gorgeous classic-looking blouse, and many many more! If you’re curious to how you can buy from Rakuten, Lolita Charm […]

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Fri, February 18 2011 » lolita finds » 1 Comment

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