30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like. Spicy buffalo sauce I have actually never encountered this lovely, vinegary sauce until my most recent visit to the States. The vinegar base with the kick of spice is exactly the kind of thing I like in a sauce/dip. I have no idea why the […]

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Tue, July 5 2011 » personal posts » No Comments

Dunkin’ Donuts Strawberry Coffee

I lovelovelove coffee. (This will tie in with a later Lolita 30-day challenge post!) So when I was walking through the coffee aisle in a US Target, I was really excited to see Dunkin’ Donuts’ summer limited coffee flavours! I picked up the strawberry one just to sniff, and was amazed by the gorgeous strawberry […]

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Thu, June 30 2011 » personal posts, reviews and recommendations » 2 Comments

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