Let’s learn more… about h.Naoto!

Did you know that h.NAOTO once dabbled in cyber fashion? Do you understand what all the different brands under the h.NAOTO umbrella are about? Have no fear, it’s time for some… This month, Let’s Learn More brings you indepth knowledge about an empire in the Japanese fashion world- h.NAOTO! Known and beloved for his gothic […]

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Thu, January 27 2011 » let's learn more » 11 Comments

Daily Coordi: Date with myself~

I was beginning to feel like a hermit all cooped up at home, and I was feeling ugly because my complexion had gone from bad to worse. 🙁 I blame late nights. So anyway, to cheer myself up, I decided to pretty myself up and head out to Kinokuniya (large Japanese bookstore) and Meidi-ya (large […]

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Fri, January 7 2011 » daily coordi » No Comments

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