Weekly Roundup: Week of 27 March 2011

It’s time for some weekly roundup! Angelic Pretty In case you haven’t heard yet, Angelic Pretty has re-released Sugary Carnival. Naturally, by this time, probably everything is sold out already. Also, a new non-print dress, Colourful Ribbon. Here’s the JSK version. Atelier Pierrot Their corset skirts are back in stock, together with their popular corsages. […]

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Sun, April 3 2011 » wednesday list » No Comments

3 motifs I absolutely love

For most lolitas, we don’t just wear the dresses, we indulge and surround ourselves with pretty things in daily life too. I’m no different, and in particular here are three motifs that I really love and indulge myself in. Little Red Riding Hood Everybody loves Alice, and I do too, but to be honest my […]

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Wed, March 9 2011 » wednesday list » 4 Comments

Wednesday List: 5 Tips for Lolita Beginners

Here’s a post for new lolitas! Hope this helps you, I certainly wish I had guidance when I first started. Don’t feel pressured to wear what’s popular now How do you usually dress usually? Do you go for darker looks? Are you a pink type of girl? Your lolita tastes can reflect your usual tastes […]

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Wed, January 19 2011 » wednesday list » No Comments

8 Resolutions for the New Year!

Could it be…? Yes, Wednesday List is back! Everyone is talking about their lolita resolutions, so for the first Wednesday List of 2011, here are my 8 lolita resolutions for the new year! Try to keep up with Weekly Roundup! One of the things that was quite popular on MH previously was the weekly roundup […]

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Wed, January 5 2011 » lolita thoughts, wednesday list » 1 Comment

5 Spring 2010 trends

Now that April is upon us, it’s time for us to have a look at the gorgeous Spring trends on the fashion runway and see how we can implement a little bit of Spring from the runway… right into lolita fashion! Here are five looks you can incorporate into Lolita… by Macaron Hearts! Floral Beauty […]

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Wed, April 14 2010 » wednesday list » 1 Comment

Three ways to avoid looking like a clone! (Sweet version)

One of the problems about buying “sets” of a series from any brand (ie, JSK/OP + headdress + socks) is that it becomes a challenge to look different from all the other people who have bought the same set you have. Some people revel in going out in a clone army (and I must admit […]

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Wed, March 17 2010 » wednesday list » 4 Comments

5 ways to beat the heat!

We’re having some freak weather here in Singapore, with temperatures going as high as 37°C (that’s 98.6F for you Americans!) in the sun. Couple that with our tropical humidity, and you’ve got a couple of lolitas ready to wilt! Here are five ways for you to beat the heat!   1. Plan what you wear! […]

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Wed, March 10 2010 » wednesday list » 2 Comments

A few (three) of my favourite things!

♪These are a few of my favourite things~♫ Most of us have bursting wardrobes of lolita, but what’re your favourite items and why? Today’s Wednesday List is a feature of three of my favourite prints in my closet, but to be honest it’s so hard to pick out only three in my ocean of prints! […]

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Wed, March 3 2010 » wednesday list » 4 Comments

3 manga every lolita should try

  As a big fan of Japanese culture, I also partake in other aspects of Japanese culture besides lolita fashion. One of these aspects is the manga, of which I am a big fan. Being in Singapore, I have easy access to very affordable manga in both English and Mandarin, although my preference is for […]

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Wed, February 24 2010 » wednesday list » 9 Comments

5 “combo-finishers” in your lolita wardrobe

You’re all dressed up but there’s just something missing in your coordi and you’re not quite sure what it is. Here’s a list of five “combo-finishers” to really pull your special outfit together!     A petticoat or three Here’s a secret, the lolitas in the magazines wear at least three petticoats. My lolita friends […]

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Wed, February 17 2010 » wednesday list » 4 Comments

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