Wednesday List: 3 Items on my Wishlist…

Here’re 3 items on my current wishlist! Sigh… I really shouldn’t think so much about these… Angelic Pretty Milky Planet print in Yellow, Blue or Lavender Oh, Milky Planet! How I regret not getting you when you were first released. It’s going to be so hard to find you at a price that isn’t ridiculous […]

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Wed, March 16 2011 » wednesday list » 2 Comments

3 motifs I absolutely love

For most lolitas, we don’t just wear the dresses, we indulge and surround ourselves with pretty things in daily life too. I’m no different, and in particular here are three motifs that I really love and indulge myself in. Little Red Riding Hood Everybody loves Alice, and I do too, but to be honest my […]

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Wed, March 9 2011 » wednesday list » 4 Comments

Cute Nails!

I came across this nail tutorial via tumblr, and I thought it looked simple enough so I decided to give it a try. Here are my results! In case it’s not obvious, I have a gradient from light blue, to lavender, to silver. I also got the polish all over my cuticles, which is why […]

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Thu, February 24 2011 » tutorials and diy » No Comments

Wednesday List: 5 Tips for Lolita Beginners

Here’s a post for new lolitas! Hope this helps you, I certainly wish I had guidance when I first started. Don’t feel pressured to wear what’s popular now How do you usually dress usually? Do you go for darker looks? Are you a pink type of girl? Your lolita tastes can reflect your usual tastes […]

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Wed, January 19 2011 » wednesday list » No Comments

Musings about recent brand designs

I’ll be leaving for Japan soon, and I was doing some research and putting together a shopping wishlist for my own purposes… As I was doing so, some things struck me about the recent designs posted on the respective brand blogs. Baby’s floral/all over patterns are getting more and more horrible with every release. Will […]

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Thu, December 2 2010 » lolita thoughts, new release » 2 Comments

Lolita life update!

Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend/holiday! Sorry for the lack of Weekly Roundup this week, I’ve been really busy getting some other things done and haven’t had the time to go look at the different store blogs this week. Shopping I’ve been out shopping! I went to Uniqlo and picked up two tops. First, […]

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Sun, April 4 2010 » personal posts » 1 Comment

Outfit post: 20 March 2010

I’ve been really busy over the past few days, so the Wednesday List is taking a break this week! But I do have some time for a quick update on my lolita life, so here we go! I think the first thing that a lot of people will be curious to know is what happened […]

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Wed, March 24 2010 » personal posts » 5 Comments

To wear or not wear lolita?

I’m having a bit of a personal crisis. As some of you may know, I started a desk job some time this year. This “desk job” is actually teaching. Yes, teaching. Here’s the problem: tomorrow is the Black Alice-hosted Alice in Wonderland screening. I’ve been looking forward to this for ages! But I also promised […]

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Fri, March 19 2010 » personal posts » 11 Comments

5 ways to beat the heat!

We’re having some freak weather here in Singapore, with temperatures going as high as 37°C (that’s 98.6F for you Americans!) in the sun. Couple that with our tropical humidity, and you’ve got a couple of lolitas ready to wilt! Here are five ways for you to beat the heat!   1. Plan what you wear! […]

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Wed, March 10 2010 » wednesday list » 2 Comments

Alice in Wonderland screening!

I went out over the weekend with the Sparklies for Alice in Wonderland in 3D! I haven’t worn lolita out for a long while (the most last time was… December? Oh my!) so I was especially excited to be out and about in lolita again. Here we are in our 3D-viewing glasses. Check out my […]

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Mon, March 8 2010 » personal posts » 3 Comments

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