Pre-ordered Meta’s Masquerade Lady

As the title says, haha! I’ve just pre-ordered Metamorphose’s Masquerade Lady OP in the wine colour. I also ordered the matching socks! I fell in love with the sample product pictures, and it was kinda “I really need this” dress and print. My most recent purchases have been straying from my usual sweet/deco self, now […]

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Mon, August 15 2011 » got loli, new release » 3 Comments

Mini outfit dump-

Two outfits for July! I know it’s been so long since I’ve been posting… I don’t even know why I feel so tired when I get home after work these days. I can’t even get my fire up for blogging! 🙁 Anyway, here are two outfits I wore recently. Went out for lunch with my […]

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Thu, August 11 2011 » daily coordi » No Comments

Misc Got Loli!

Wah! I haven’t posted in a while! 🙁 The last two weeks I was buried in a swamp of work, and I completed my scheduled posts! I didn’t even have time to do weekly roundup… sob. In any case, some small loli items arrived for me over the past month, including- Hand-painted Dreaming Macaron shoes […]

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Sat, July 23 2011 » got loli » No Comments

Got Loli! – Innocent World Lucky Pack A Summer 2011

Just got my lucky pack A (the 52k yen one) from Innocent World in the mail! A couple of hits and misses, but overall I’m quite pleased with the pack. I apologise in advance for some bad lighting, the sun was setting and I was in my room. All pictures are clickable and will bring […]

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Mon, July 11 2011 » got loli » 2 Comments

Back in Singapore – Got loli!

I’m back in Singapore! And the first thing I saw when I came back was a whole bunch of packages on my bed! Got a package from Nicole, with my Sugar Pansy wristcuffs in yellow and… Dream Sky JSK in sax! XD :sparkle: With the Star Shower socks! XD XD I’ll have fun coordinating this! […]

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Fri, June 24 2011 » personal posts » No Comments

New Makeup!

I recently ran out of some important things in my makeup arsenal, so I headed out to Sephora to get some refills. I don’t have a preferred makeup brand, so what I buy is usually based on recommendations from friends and colleagues; or even just because I like the packaging. Sorry, that seems a bit […]

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Tue, May 24 2011 » reviews and recommendations » 3 Comments

Store review: Pink Macaroon!

I had missed out on Pink Macaroon‘s Unicorn Fantasy Print when it was in production the last time, so when Sarah re-released a “ready-to-wear” version in a variety of sizes, I knew I had to grab one! My order arrived recently, so here’s a review on the lovely print. I bought two items from the […]

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Tue, April 26 2011 » reviews and recommendations » No Comments

So much loli, so few occasions…

I’ve recently been cleaning my room because of the minor renovations, so it’s been a carthartic experience to throw away a lot of old photos and journals with unhappy memories… Steph went to Japan sometime earlier this year, and I don’t know how she does it, but her loli luck is second to none. She […]

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Tue, March 22 2011 » personal posts » 4 Comments

Wednesday List: 3 Items on my Wishlist…

Here’re 3 items on my current wishlist! Sigh… I really shouldn’t think so much about these… Angelic Pretty Milky Planet print in Yellow, Blue or Lavender Oh, Milky Planet! How I regret not getting you when you were first released. It’s going to be so hard to find you at a price that isn’t ridiculous […]

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Wed, March 16 2011 » wednesday list » 2 Comments

Product Review: Bodyline

While I was in Japan, Bodyline was having a huge blowout sale with items going for as much as 75% off. I decided that regardless of what I thought about Bodyline (that’s another rant for another day, but I promise I’ll get to that), I had to be part of this great sale. When I […]

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Mon, February 28 2011 » reviews and recommendations » 1 Comment

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