10/7 Challenge: Outfit 2, 3 and 4!

The 10/7 Challenge is a wardrobe challenge where we have to form 7 distinctive outfits out of only 10 main wardrobe items! Come join in the fun and leave a link in the comments if you want to play! Here are Outfits 2, 3 and 4 in the 10items/7outfits Challenge! Theme: On a Date! I […]

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Wed, February 16 2011 » 10items/7outfits, daily coordi » 2 Comments

The 10 Items/7 Outfits Challenge

For the next few weeks, Wednesday List will take a break while Alanna discusses her new project, 10 Items/7 Outfits! Watch out for a new outfit in the 10/7 Challenge every Wednesday for the next 7 weeks! I was flipping through the January issue of Kera again while looking for something, and it reminded me […]

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Wed, February 2 2011 » 10items/7outfits, daily coordi » 4 Comments

Let’s learn more… about h.Naoto!

Did you know that h.NAOTO once dabbled in cyber fashion? Do you understand what all the different brands under the h.NAOTO umbrella are about? Have no fear, it’s time for some… This month, Let’s Learn More brings you indepth knowledge about an empire in the Japanese fashion world- h.NAOTO! Known and beloved for his gothic […]

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Thu, January 27 2011 » let's learn more » 11 Comments

Service Review: Alice Fururun

Some time ago, I made an order from Alice Fururun. Here’s a service review! Website navigation Generally if you can’t read Japanese, you might have a little bit of trouble, as most of the navigation is in Japanese. There’s a good guide from EGL to ordering from the site, so do read it if you’re […]

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Tue, January 25 2011 » reviews and recommendations » No Comments

Wednesday List: 5 Tips for Lolita Beginners

Here’s a post for new lolitas! Hope this helps you, I certainly wish I had guidance when I first started. Don’t feel pressured to wear what’s popular now How do you usually dress usually? Do you go for darker looks? Are you a pink type of girl? Your lolita tastes can reflect your usual tastes […]

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Wed, January 19 2011 » wednesday list » No Comments

An outfit post from a long time ago…

I was sorting through my pictures and I realised I forgot to share this coordinate! This was from a Black Alice gathering at Octa Hotel, 31 July 2010. I totally need a new petticoat… Photo by Shu. JSK: Alice’s Pearl Portrait, AatP Boots: Secret Shop Blouse, headwear: offbrand

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Mon, December 6 2010 » daily coordi » No Comments

AP’s Wonder Cookie

Something exciting came in the mail for me today. 🙂

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Mon, October 4 2010 » personal posts » 2 Comments

Sales post #2: Rococo Accessories + Name of the Rose

It’s quite upsetting that the first post that I should post in a while should be a sales post, but when you gotta do it, you gotta do it… As always, more photos of details and measurements available upon request.

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Sat, May 22 2010 » sales » 4 Comments

5 Spring 2010 trends

Now that April is upon us, it’s time for us to have a look at the gorgeous Spring trends on the fashion runway and see how we can implement a little bit of Spring from the runway… right into lolita fashion! Here are five looks you can incorporate into Lolita… by Macaron Hearts! Floral Beauty […]

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Wed, April 14 2010 » wednesday list » 1 Comment

Sales post #1

I’m planning a trip to the US in June, and tickets are costing a little bit more than I expected. I guess it’s time for me to try to sell some of my items, although it breaks my heart to do so. This is the first selling post I will be putting up, as I […]

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Fri, April 9 2010 » sales » 11 Comments

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