30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist Haha, after a long hiatus from this, we’re now back to it! This wishlist is mostly taken from the pages section, with some commentary from me. :sparkle: XD :sparkle: :strawberry: :sparkle: :kitty: :sparkle: Mary Magdalene Apollonia in Olive or Strawberry The cut of the Apollonia makes me […]

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Fri, August 26 2011 » personal posts » 1 Comment

Wednesday List: 3 Items on my Wishlist…

Here’re 3 items on my current wishlist! Sigh… I really shouldn’t think so much about these… Angelic Pretty Milky Planet print in Yellow, Blue or Lavender Oh, Milky Planet! How I regret not getting you when you were first released. It’s going to be so hard to find you at a price that isn’t ridiculous […]

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Wed, March 16 2011 » wednesday list » 2 Comments

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