This week’s weekly roundup…

Ughhhhh I was pretty ill yesterday and I spent the entire day in bed feeling sorry for myself, so this week’s weekly roundup is not happening! 🙁 Sorry if you were looking forward to that!

(left: Rose Ornament Jumper Skirt I)

But Baby did release new items for reservation this week! The first print is Rose Ornament, followed by the sweeter Strawberry and Chetty Frill. I really like the JSK for Rose Ornament, I think it looks very beautiful together with the bonnet. But the Kinari version of the print looks like a tablecloth though…

(Right: Strawberry and Chetty Frill Jumper Skirt)

Strawberry and Chetty Frill looks pretty typical for Baby, nothing very outstanding or inspiring about this print or the JSK styles. (Hmm, no skirt for this print?)

Well I just bought a lot of new lolita items, so I guess I’m holding off on these. (unless I get them on the second hand market, I guess!) What about you?

Sun, February 7 2010 »

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