Tutorial Tuesday (May): Accent Tutorial


Sometimes, the prettiest things can come from the most unexpected places. I found really adorable iron-ons in Daiso (a $2 chainstore from Japan, you may have a local branch!), but I wanted the option to remove them when I needed to, especially the large colourful ones. Some brainstorming made me think of some cute ways to dress up these iron-ons and turn them into versatile accents for your lolita outfits.

The following tutorial shows you how to turn a large iron-on into an accent that you can place just about anywhere. Your hair, your outfit, your bag, your shoes, whereever… without the permanence of ironing them on!


Tutorial Tuesdays: No-Iron-on Accent


I’m a bit of a crafting packrat, so other than the iron-on, these were things I already had at home. For this project, you’ll need…

– needle and thread
– large iron-on, preferably with space for embellishments
– lace and buttons for embellishments
– fabric glue
– felt
Select and arrange your embellishments around the iron-on. I decided on this arrangement and snapped a quick picture in case I forgot what I wanted to do with them.
Sew and glue your embellishments down! I’ve already sewn my buttons down securely and decided to paste down my felt flowers using the glue rather than sewing to minimise on visible threads.
This is after all the gluing and the sewing! It’s pretty spiff, but I thought it could do with a little more pizzaz…
Just so happens that I have here some very pretty tulle ruffles! I decided to use this and go around the back of the iron-on so that it would have a ruffle halo like a rosette. You’ll see what I mean later.


Gently snip small cuts into the lace. This is so the lace can go around in a circle easier. It’s impossible to turn a straight length of lace neatly around in a circle shape without snips. When you’re snipping, be careful and be sure that you’re not cutting through threads holding parts of your trim together, which I had in this case.

Use fabric glue and glue the lace around the iron-on. I find that it helps a lot if I do it in parts and wait for the glue to dry each time. It ensures that your lace holds in place and doesn’t get pulled around while you’re gluing other parts down in place. I also use a little ice-cream stick as a spatula to spread the glue.
Here it is, all glued down! A little messy, but we’ll fix that in a moment.
While waiting for the glue to dry some, I prepared a felt bar and a felt circle. I strongly recommend felt as it’s very easy to work with and it doesn’t fray. Make sure that your circle is slightly bigger than the round you made with the lace.
Sew down the two short ends of the bar to the circle. I tried fabric glue but it doesn’t work, it just soaked through my felt. 🙁 So much for being lazy!
When you’re done and the glue on your main piece is almost dry, you’re ready to glue it on to hide the mess! Spread a bit more glue on the iron-on and glue on the felt piece. And you’re done!

Here’s my completed accent!

Use it in all sorts of ways, slide a barette or a bobby pin through the loop for a hairpiece; or maybe a safety pin for a brooch accent. Safety pins can also be used to pin these accents onto necklace chains, or just slide the chain through the loop itself for a large colourful fabric pendant!

Hope you enjoyed today’s Tutorial Tuesday! If you do something with Macaron Hearts tutorials, be sure to post your results in the Macaron Hearts Flickr group!

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