Three ways to avoid looking like a clone! (Sweet version)

One of the problems about buying “sets” of a series from any brand (ie, JSK/OP + headdress + socks) is that it becomes a challenge to look different from all the other people who have bought the same set you have. Some people revel in going out in a clone army (and I must admit the idea has its charms!) but if you’re hoping to refresh that coordinated look, Macaron Hearts has three ways you can wear your sets… and still look different from the crowd!

I have here Angelic Pretty’s Star Night Theatre JSK (henceforth shortened to SNT) and headbow in pink, as well as AP’s Circus socks in pink. Here’s a typical “clone” look- a pink and white coordi.

Star Night Theatre
Star Night Theatre by Alanna


As you can see, not too imaginative! Pretty typical coordination, pink and white is usually a safe bet!

  1. Use unconventional coordi colours

  2. One of the easiest ways to break apart from the crowd is choose a totally different colour to coordinate your outfit. This works best with JSKs/OPs/SKs that have a lace that is of a similar colour to the main colour of the material. You can try matching something with white lace to a black blouse… it’s just wrong! Fortunately SNT has lace the same colour as the material, so here’s my take on the above principle – SNT with black as the main coordinating colour.

    Star Night Theatre
    Star Night Theatre by Alanna

    Pretty straightforward coordi, but I think that people wouldn’t really match black with pink unless it’s very strong in the print.


  3. Choose a slightly different style

  4. If you want to step away from the typical sweet clone look, try taking a slightly different path like deco-lolita or fairy-lolita. The look is still predominantly sweet, but the slight twist in your style will really set you apart from the rest, especially if you involve another interesting colour. Just be sure to choose a colour that is either complementary or in your print, so that the colours aren’t too jarring against each other.

    Here’s SNT with some light blue and purple for a happy, sparkly, pastel fairy-kei lolita look.

    Star Night Theatre
    Star Night Theatre by Alanna

    I picked out the light blue in the print and made it my main complementary colour. I think what would be really cute would be to paint nails in all three pastel colours of blue, pink and purple! Throw in bows to pin all over your hair or your cardigan for the true fairykei over the top look!


  5. Use unconventional Lolita items

  6. Instead of the conventional accessories and layering items, go for something completely different from the sweet candy of the lolita world! Go absolutely wild and try tailored jackets, cowboy hats, rider jackets (although this isn’t the most original idea), Ugg-like boots and more!

    Here’s my take on the above theme – SNT with a red tailored jacket and heels.

    Star Night Theatre
    Star Night Theatre by Alanna

    I thought this look was especially classy. I’ve done something similar with my Merry Sweet Castle skirt for a Black Alice, work-related event. I personally like this look a lot, good maybe for dinners. I wanted plain black tights with red hearts instead of stripes, but i have no idea why they’re impossible to find?!

    How do you keep yourself from falling into the clone trap? Share it with us in the comments!

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4 comments on to “Three ways to avoid looking like a clone! (Sweet version)”

  1. Synny Kitti says:

    I usually use the tips you use, but I also love wild colors, like lime green with white, which isn’t something I see too often if ever.
    I also use accessories from other fashions that most wouldn’t think of like Goth, Cybergoth and other more Western styles.

    Being a bigger girl and having to have most of my items custom made, even if they are replicas also lets me stand out a bit :3

    Great entry ^^
    .-= Synny Kitti´s last blog ..girlfromthewell:candiesandlaces:fuckyeahgothiclolita:sucrer… =-.

  2. Alanna says:

    @Synny Kitty: Wow, lime green and white is really unique! I’ve not seen that before, maybe I should try it out if I have the opportunity… 😀 Maybe something like a neon-lolita? *makes terms up*

  3. Koko says:

    Love these sets! The somewhat Pop-kei looking outfit is my favorite! I dream about those star shaped purses all the time.
    .-= Koko´s last blog ..Outfit Snap,Western Lolita! =-.

    • Alanna says:

      @Koko: Thank you! I think that star-shaped purse is so brilliant, but I wonder if opening and closing it is a pain in the behind…?

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