Wednesday List: 3 Items on my Wishlist…

Here’re 3 items on my current wishlist! Sigh… I really shouldn’t think so much about these…

Angelic Pretty Milky Planet print in Yellow, Blue or Lavender

Angelic Pretty Milky Planet JSK in Yellow Oh, Milky Planet! How I regret not getting you when you were first released. It’s going to be so hard to find you at a price that isn’t ridiculous now. 🙁

The print is what I really want, in any of the cuts and colourways except for pink or black. I’m really keen on the yellow one. I actually saw a yellow OP at one of the Closet Childs on my most recent trip. It was going for about 600USD, but it had armpit stains. Just no. 🙁

Thanks to Steph, who was entirely marvellous and has IMMENSE CLOSET CHILD KARMA, I am now the proud owner of a yellow MP OP. *sparkles!*

Photo from Angelic Pretty
Angelic Pretty Wonder Party Halterneck JSK in Sax

Wonder Party coordi I recently got this delightful print in a skirt form, but really, I still have dreams of the halterneck JSK. I really don’t know what is so alluring about the print, but despite already owning the skirt, I’m still not satisfied.

This JSK is proving quite elusive, and I’ve been searching for it for a while. By “a while”, I mean something close to two or three years. 🙁 Admittedly I could do a lot more, such as posting a WTB, but I just haven’t gotten around to doing that yet.

Photo from Angelic Pretty
Alice and the Pirates Stained Glass Angel Long OP in Black

AatP Stained Glass Angel OP in Black I first saw this in a Kera magazine on one of my favourite models Akira. I fell rather hard, but to be honest I’m holding back from getting it because I think the long cut is not the most versatile of dresses.

I do enjoy the Stained Glass print a lot, I think it’s very classy. The long cut of this OP is *especially* classy!

Photo from Hello Lace
Metamorphose Candy Star Rabbit in Blue

Metamorphose Candy Star Rabbit in Blue My tastes in lolita are definitely evolving. I think a year ago, I would have dismissed this print as being too bright/childish/wallpaper-y, but I have no idea why I am really in love with it now. I think it was this specific picture of a Japanese lolita (think it was Sae) and all her friends dressed in this particular colourway, complete with giant headbow, in a lolita-clone style picture. The cobalt blue is soooo lovely though!

The only thing I’m really iffy about is the full shirring, not sure how that will sit on me.

Photo from Hello Lace

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2 comments on to “Wednesday List: 3 Items on my Wishlist…”

  1. Miss Lumpy says:

    The black Stained Glass print in the old OP is my dream dress, too! I’d die for that dress *____*

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