Weekly roundup: Week of 2 January

It’s time for some weekly roundup! Let’s see what the stores have been up to with the start of the new year!

Generally the stores are all still plugging their lucky bags, although I’m sure the more popular ones like AP and BtSSB have been snapped up. The store blogs are a bit slow to start off the new year, it seems, so no exciting new updates except from the following brands:

Angelic Pretty

Nothing extremely exciting, just a new JSK, Lace Up Angel in stores. Solid colours, comes in pink and mint, it seems like.

Atelier Pierrot

Not sure if this is old news, but Atelier Pierrot has released a new long corset onepiece. What I really like is that the long back can be drawn up into this lovely bustle! That wine red is gorgeous too.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Twinkle Dreaming Princess is now available for reservation.


If, (like me) you’re crazy about corsets and (unfortunately not like me) still have oodles of money to spend, you might like to try for Excentrique’s second fukubukuro release! Comes in two flavours, 15750円 (corset, dress, accessory: total worth 40000円) and 21000円 (corset one-piece + coordinate items: total worth 50000円). If I had 200USD to spend, I would snap up the first set, no joke.


There’s a cute post showing off some of the guests and attendees at the Goth Night, their last event for 2010. Some very outstanding coordis there, worth a look if you love h.NAOTO! My favourite is the lady dressed in white with a fur stole. <3


Putu released some new items over the weekend, but no names or prices for any of the items. I do like the last coordi though- it reminds me of h.Naoto Frill or Gramm. With the prices of Putu known to be slightly lower than any of the other elite brands, you could probably consider wearing Putu if you want to try the style out. Caveat emptor, you may find that Putu uses slightly lower quality material compared to other brands.

Putu’s also just announced a clothes sponsorship for a girls’ rock band, mixx. mixx will be releasing their new single “Heavy Metal Sweets” on 12 Jan. This song is the theme song of late night TV show, “Selection X”. Before you get any ideas of what the show is about, (I know I did, so I went to look it up…) it’s a late night shopping television programme!

Putu at Laforet is having a sale. I like the black jacket in the last coordi!

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