Weekly Roundup: Week of 23 Jan

It’s time for some weekly roundup!

Angelic Pretty

A re-release of Flower Butterfly is back in stores. Also, a gold print, Classic Champagne is in the stores, together with a range of accessories like parasols and tote bags.

I am very in love with these delightful sneakers! Must get my hands on them somehow!

Atelier Pierrot

Some really pretty dresses went into stores this week: first a dress with a vest-like bodice, and a short-sleeved OP. Are the spring coordis arriving already?!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Twinkle Dreaming Princess is now available in stores! A new print Chained Berry Memoir is also available for reservation.


This all-in one piece really makes my heart thump!

Innocent World

The winter sale is ongoing! Have you bought your favourite items yet?

Mary Magdalene

They’re taking reservation orders for a re-release of Rote Rose! Interestingly enough, this dress came up for discussion recently on EGL a couple of times; it’s very nice to know that there are many other lolitas who considered this their first ever dream dress too, just like me!

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

A whole bunch of new items were introduced – Princess Lace, Paris Streets, and a whole bunch of blouses.

nile perch

The blog is aflutter about Avril Lavigne dropping by to shop at the Laforet store!


Several new releases at Putumayo- including an adorable waistcoat. I’d think that Putu is getting quite a bit of attention after Deka Wanko!

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