Weekly Roundup: Week of 27 February

It’s time for some weekly roundup!

Angelic Pretty

AP is picking up on the marine theme with this Sailor Cut onepiece! Love the bright colours. Also in stores, Sugar Pansy! My favourite is the doll cut.

Atelier Pierrot

They’re putting up for reservation some outfits that were worn in recent popular series Goukaija Gokai and Deka Wanko. This is interesting – Goukaijer is a sentai show (similar to Power Rangers) and apparently the Pink Ranger is a lolita.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

An interesting floral on grey JSK is up. It’s called Rose Dungaree Apron JSK? D:

They’ve released some new, non-print JSKs and seperates. Noteworthy: Chelsea Lala, a tweed jacket and skirt combi; Doll Heroine, a chiffon and lace concoction; Mademoiselle Princess, which looks absolutely beautiful in white; Baby,SSB Salopette, with a fun sailor collar. Also, an interesting long-sleeved blouse made in satin (?) in the last link, the Caroline blouse..

Also, plenty of Berry Chain Memoir add-ons, like boleros, jewellery and cutsews.

New for reservation: Versailles Rose Bouquet (love the orange and pink florals!) and Rapunzel Doll Dress.

Emily Temple Cute

A new print, Georgette Donuts, is in store.


h.NAOTO is hosting a Lolita Sweets Party, with many of our favourite Lolita models gracing the occasion.

Innocent World

Springtime florals at IW in the shape of this lovely print, Rose Arabesque. A lovely striped JSK in this coordi, the Luna Stripe JSK. I’m also in love with this Classic Buckle skirt, the shape is just soooo lovely!

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Meta is taking a step into old school black and white with this coordinate post! Coordi idea: one striped sock and one solid sock? 😮

Here’s some more sailor releases, and here too!

In this post are some interesting previews of other new releases at the end! These releases are a Metamorphose x Macross Frontier collaboration! The pink and mint colour outfit is rather interesting, but the white colour outfit seems rather costumey to me! What do you think?

Nile Perch

I love this cardigan with hearts!


Putu has just released a lovely short bolero!

Victorian Maiden

VM announced an entire bunch of items available to view at the various stores, but unfortunately didn’t provide us with any pictures, except for the Rose Stripe print. Come on!!

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