Weekly Roundup: Week of 3 and 10 April 2011

I missed the last week’s weekly roundup, so here’s two weeks worth of roundup! *phew*

Angelic Pretty

Some cute dotty skirts, dresses and blouses over at Angelic Pretty. Also, the Teatime series is now in store. Cute bustle back!

I missed the update of Sweets Princess and Marchen Ribbon last week! This is available in several cuts and colours. They also released a teeshirt for charity.

In case you haven’t heard, Sheep Garden is already in stores. I rather like the skirts! There’s also a preview of two new prints, Aqua Princess and Honey Cake.

Atelier Pierrot

Some new things went into the Laforet store, including this lace up dress and the lovely Lace Chiffon Doll. (The VM model pictures here.) They’ve also just gotten some stock from Chantilly, including this Bustle Onepiece, and Rose Bouquet Stripe.

Watch out also for the Pierrot releases, including this floral corset bustle dress, the Dot Pleated JSK and this beautiful high-waisted skirt and bolero set.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

A beautiful new AatP print, Time of the Roses is available for reservation. Lovely jewel blue! There’s also talks of a new print Creamy Alice, but no pictures just yet.

New items in stores, Versailles Rose Bouquet Print. See some of the other colours here.

In other news, some new basics here and here, with lovely cardigans and a new country lolita-style dress, Dobby Rose and the gothic looking Scent of Rapunzel that was recently on reservation.


These gorgeous mini corsets are to die for! I also like the denim corset dress in the same link.


Flasco always has lovely coordinates, and this week has some especially lovely ones, including this Miho Matsuda x VM x IW coordi, and this Mary Magdalene x IW coordi. The IW bolero on the second link is just so decadent and lovely with all that lace!

Innocent World

I missed the update of Heart Rose last week! This floral is now on reservation. Also available for reservation is this beautiful dress, the Classical Ribbon Dress.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Some new items in Meta, including the new print “Tales of the Forest”.

A bunch of new blouses and springtime casual salopettes went into store. Some of the items on this post are rather pretty too, including that Lace Drape Skirt and the Chiffon Tiered JSK.

If you’ve been waiting for the Macross F Collab, that is now available for reservation. The corset style JSK further down is beautiful too!


A new, rabbit-eared cutsew with an Alice motif has just been released.

Victorian Maiden

A beautiful new print, Rose Card.

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