Weekly Roundup: Week of 6 Feb

It’s time for some weekly roundup!

Spring is definitely upon us as the brands are beginning to release Spring-friendly items!

Angelic Pretty

Spring is definitely upon us, with jacket sets such as the Striped Logo Jacquard set going into stores. That’s a pretty subtle print, I think that the pictures aren’t going to do it justice! More taste of springtime with the Romantic Scallop JSK, love the adorable neckline and the peek of tulle! Lovely teacup-shaped bags are now also available.

If you’ve been antsy about prints, French Cafe is in stores now, complete with a whole range of related accessories and basics such as berets, cardigans, bracelets and more. There’s this really adorable casual outfit incorporating all the French Cafe items, including a really cute parka.

And this fresh off the press! EGL Comm user clueless_case showed us a preview of Angelic Pretty’s newest print, Sugar Pansy! The preview is taken from their Sendai store blog.

Atelier Pierrot

The Atelier Pierrot store at Laforet stocks some other brands, and they’ve just made an announcement for NA+H! Check out their new waist-cinchers, the bottom hem is really unique! Check them out in action in this coordinate post. You can tell that these belts are built for the lolita silhouette, the shape accomodates some poof.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Baby’s released some new accessories and basics. Check out that dreamy chiffon blouse with the princess half-sleeves. The size of the hat is cute, but I’m not sure why the brim of it is wonky… Also on that link, Dance of the Black Cats! (Didn’t it go into stores last month already? *confused*)

Emily Temple Cute

A teacup print is in stores! A very subtle print indeed.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Royal Rose has gone into the stores, but what I’m really enthralled by is that lovely turquoise blue blouse! Totally not my palette, but sooooo lovely on the eye!

nile perch

nile perch has their crazy cute tights available again!


New items at the laforet store, including the Trump Chest Frill (?) Onepiece! Love the look of the gold print, too bad there isn’t a close up.

Victorian Maiden

New items available for reservation, including the Charlotte Ruffle Skirt, the Noble Queen Bustier and the Elegant Gathers Doll Hat. Has VM ever released a bustier? I don’t think it’s the first, but at the same time it’s pretty unusual.

Are there any brands you’d like to see in the roundup? Do let me know in the comments!

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