Weekly Roundup: Week of May 8 and 15

I’ve been having trouble keeping up with posts and weekly roundups because it’s been crunch time at work, but in any case, it’s time for some weekly roundup!

Angelic Pretty

A new gingham Annie Gingham has been released in several colours and styles. Not my thing at all, since I don’t like gingham. There are however, some adorable new summery dresses in the shape of the little dot frill onepiece and the sailor onepiece.

There were also some other basics that were released which I won’t link to (blouses, boleros and such) but this carousel cutsew is interesting in that it’s a tank top! Summer is upon us!

Honey Bear is now available in stores, including a range of paraphernalia including cutsews and jewellery! See also this preview of new dress Dream Sky, pictures of which already leaked on tumblr some time ago!

Atelier Pierrot

Here’s a gorgeous coordination from Atelier Pierrot! Love the navy x white combination!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

The Rapunzel Print OP in this post reminds me of the very first few print releases by Juliette et Justine and other classic brands! Also, see the new classic/country print, Innocent Berry. New print Time of the Rose is also now available, the dark blue colourway is just to die for! A new limited print set Usakumya Chan is now available too. Also, have a look at the Versailles Rose Bouquet and the Snow Dot Sundress! This stripey set is adorable too!

There are a lot of new basics including some very lovely chiffon blouses!

A new bag in the shape of the book over at AatP is now available for reservation. In these post are new socks, which are interesting because they’re half translucent. This seems to be a new trend in Japan, because I’ve just picked up some socks in a similar style myself in a local Japanese store.

A bunch of new items are now available for reservation, including Claudia, the Fairytale Princess, a Macross Frontier tie-up, Night Fairy Fantasia, Cherry and Strawberry Yukata, and some new summer sandals.

Emily Temple Cute

Some adorable new prints – Cake & Cream and Rabbit Handkerchief.

Innocent World

Lovely strawberries at Innocent World in the new print Strawberry Jam! Very delicious accessories too, love the overknee socks! Here’s a lovely frilly dress that’s very doll-like!

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Some new items are available for reservation! A lot of new dresses in solids and florals, some blouses and shoes too. Pop Swinger is also available for reservation now!


Here’s some cute teddy bear cutsews and a cute dress for the punk lolitas! The dress doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but the first picture shows how lovely it looks when well-coordinated!

Here’s an interesting skirt – two layers, with a nice design showing through on the bottom layer. You can wear it with the top layer fully down too, like a normal plaid skirt. More pictures and colours of this skirt here. There’s a matching cutsew too!

Victorian Maiden

Victorian Maiden has been updating like crazy over these past two weeks!
Check out these new products: Lady Oxford Pumps, Rococo Bouquet Bustle Dress and Rose Lace Classical Bouquet Dress, Long-sleeved Over Dress, and the Jewelry Ribbon Dress.

The Jewelry Ribbon looks just amazing – have some close ups here. The over dress is also an interesting concept – it adds a flavour to other solid or print dresses that you might have worn the death out of.

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