Weekly Roundup: Week of 9 Jan

It’s time for some weekly roundup!

Angelic Pretty

The French Cafe samples are going to be making the rounds in the stores. You can also see the samples for the styles at the colours on the blogs here: blue OP, red JSK I, black JSK II. I am in love with the blue print!

But they’ve also just released teasers of a new print, to be shown in the upcoming issue of Kera! I’m sure this print has a name, but I can’t find it? =__=? Anyway, it says that it’s a print with lots of strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream! Sounds super cute already. Also, I really like Kimura Yu wearing Angelic Pretty as compared to her preferred Listen Flavour- she’s absolutely adorable!

Angelic Pretty is also leaping on the old school train, with the Kanaria Onepiece, the collar portion in particular is very reminiscient of older designs! Also comes in JSK flavours. The AP wine/rouge colour always gets me.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Some crazy adorable salopettes instore! Not too keen on the prices though, but those pink ones are sooo cute. If you’re one of those jumping on the Old School bandwagon, that floral onepiece in the same post will probably be right up your alley.

Still on the old school train, here’s another new release from Baby, the Rococo Cindy Jumperskirt. Also comes in red, black and pink.

Innocent World

In case you haven’t heard, Innocent World is having an online Winter Sale.

They’ve also just introduced a new print Versailles Rose. That’s very pretty, and I’m sure the classic lolis on my list are all going to leap at it! Here’s the skirt version in a different colourway.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

In case you haven’t heard yet, Metamorphose’s new print, Royal Rose is available for reservation from 13 January. The red is just stunning, and I really like how the print is printed on a repeating pattern of diamonds rather than just plain material.

They’ve also released a new bolero, but you can’t see details at all, thanks to their cellphone pics…

They’ve also just released another print for reservation, loosely translated as Paris Cityscape. The highwaist JSK is so cute, except that I am sure that I will not be able to fit into it.


New items in at Putumayo, including the Sherry Chiffon (?) One Piece. Also, this ADORABLE little birdcage bag! Don’t really think you can hold much in it though, it’s more decorative.

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