Weekly Roundup: Week of March 13

It’s time for some weekly roundup!

If you haven’t seen the Piapro (Vocaloid) x Brand Collection yet, check them out here! What’s your take on brand collaborating with anime and other “fan cultures”?

Angelic Pretty

Some adorable striped tanktops and dresses went into stores!

The Triple Tart print just went into stores as well. I don’t know, still not a fan of the large checks, although I am rather in love with the strawberry bag and the matching print socks! This particular coordi is rather cute though.

Also, the newest spring time print – lambs! This print is called Sheep Garden.

Some more basics were added to stores, but in particular I really like this cutsew.

Atelier Pierrot

Their popular princess sleeve blouses and corset dresses are back in stock. I still want to be married in that white corset…

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Baby in Mito and Sendai have announced closure until further notice. A quick check shows that most stores are open and running regularly, but several have announced changed opening hours due to the rolling blackouts. In any case, Chain Berry Memoir is now in stores, as well as a parasol with an ADORABLE handle!

Innocent World

New reservations open for the newest print – Walkies! Very lovely print, not so sure about the name. Before I saw the official name, I was calling it “Strolling”. Also, this coordination has my heart thumping for the Mirielle skirt- the text says that it’s shorter than usual to herald springtime!

IW is also doing a charity event for the Tohoku Earthquake , please view information regarding this event here.

Juliette et Justine

JetJ is also having a charity sale, with 40% of their proceeds going towards the victims of the earthquake!

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Meta has released some outfits based on the Vocaloid twins, Rin and Len. The white dress is rather cute, I think!

Some new releases in store too. The Dobby Stripe OP is rather lovely! There’s also a new print – Tales of the Wood, with little deers and tree stumps in the Metamorphose style! I like the “ribbon skirt” version of it.


The Putumayo x Vocaloid collection has hit the stores! Check out Hatsune Miku, Megurine Ruka and the twins Kagamine Rin and Len.

Victorian Maiden

VM has introduced reservation for two dresses, with some florals on display. The Lavinia Bustle Dress for the top and Elegant Rose Puff sleeve for the one below.

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