Weekly Roundup: Week of March 6

It’s time for some weekly roundup. This week, a massive earthquake rocked Japan, with the North being the worst hit. The following Weekly Roundup discusses the releases for the week before the earthquake hit, followed by whether or not we’ve heard from these companies following the quake.

Angelic Pretty

Here’re some blouses and plastic jewellery in all kinds, from rings to necklaces.

AP is also moving into springtime sailor coordis called the Marine Stories series! With blouses, a casual dress, JSKs, and OPs!

Also from AP, Sugar Pansy lace cuffs in adorable pastel candy colours, and long lace sleeve gloves/arm warmers.

AP reported store closures, and has commented that all Shinjuku and Sendai staff are unharmed. The Sendai post in particular is very determinedly cheerful and hopeful!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

In this post: re-release of our favourite scallop-edge JSK, in tartan. The Doll Heroine bonnet is really gorgeous!

The Sendai’s blog latest post is on 11 March, but I’m not sure is pre or post eq.

Fairy Wish

The designer of Fairy Wish has expressed that she is fine.


No word from Naoto about safety, but just a short notice to say that the Harajuku store would be closed.

Innocent World

One thing I love about the IW blogs: they have a daily coordinate thing going on, with lovely descriptions and chatter from the staff. This week, I’ve picked out a few of my favourites – the floral Party Rose JSK and the Romantic Rose JSK!

A new reservation product is now available, the Felicia Crown JSK! Very lovely crown print, I love the stripes too.

IW Kobe was not affected by the earthquake or tsunami at all.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

With the arrival of Spring, Meta has released some crew socks. I’ll never be able to really get into these short socks… and with my height I’d look rather horrible in them. Shinjuku Meta is celebrating their anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion they’re releasing a floral onepiece with an apron! Pictures together with the link for socks.

New items are in store – no actual pictures, but we get a chance to see their design.

Here’s a new print for early spring – Poodle Melody!

Nile Perch

A whole bunch of new OPs are in store, including this adorable pony onepiece. Also, some cute little patchwork bags are in store.


Some Alice-themed ear pierces at Putumayo.

Laforet blog says that “Putu staff” are fine. It is unconfirmed if this definition of staff extends to all staff across the nation or just Laforet.

Victorian Maiden

A new floral has been put on reservation period. I like the frill neckline! I think it’s called the Rose Stripe Tack dress.

VM has posted a note of concern, but no word about safety of all the staff.

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