Weekly Roundup: 17 Jan

This week in the store blogs!

Angelic Pretty
A whole range of new stuff over the weekend, including some new, non-printed JSKs and OPs. Dolche OP, Dot Cute Scalloped JSK (skirt version in pink), Cotton Candy Heart Pocket Skirt (which weirds me out in terms of colour) and Lace-up Angel JSK. Oh man, I really love the Angelic Pretty mint colour.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
New items in store over the weekend, including the Heart Marble cardigan and bolero, which I must say are very cute indeed. A coordinate of a new (?) bustier and skirt was put up also, The Black Saint. That looks absolutely amazing.

New for reservation, the Berry Sweet Pie embroidery series.

Emily Temple Cute
The sale still seems to be going strong over at ETC Osaka.

Innocent World
This week’s coordis are as always, beautiful. In particular, Sunday’s coordi really makes my heart dokidoki, and I also really like Tuesday’s kodona look. Innocent World Kodona, who woulda thunk?!

Victorian Maiden
The Rose Garden series is currently available for reordering.

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